Consider a Home Stager for Your Team!

Stage Presence LLC offers cost effective and extensive home staging services covering all aspects and areas of a seller’s property.


Staging benefits both Realtors and homeowners.  If you have thought about a competitive edge over other Baton Rouge real estate professionals, adding staging to your marketing will show potential sellers you are serious about selling their home.  


How Staging Benefits Realtors

Quicker Sale:   Simply put, an appealing home sells faster.


Good Reputation:  Realtors who can show that their listings consistently sell faster than the average days-on-market for the area will have a winning marketing tool!  This leads to great referrals.


Lower Expenses:  A home that sells quickly won’t need advertising or other promotional efforts reducing carrying costs.


Maximum Impact:  When staging is done at the beginning, the home looks good for the photos and initial burst of interest that occurs when the home first hits the market.


Better Photos:  Good internet photos have become the single most important marketing tool available.  Staging before photos are taken makes the home look its best on the Internet.  These images must work hard to entice buyers to come by for a personal tour.


Maintain a Good Realtor-Seller Relationship:   With the stager playing Not-So-Bad Cop, the Realtor gets to play Good Cop and doesn’t have to be negative about the home.


More Money:  A home that sells quickly means a higher selling price because the home wasn’t on the market long enough to warrant a price drop.


Trouble-Shooting:  No matter how long a home has been on the market there are always ways to improve the chance of sale.


Home staging professionals are all about building and keeping equity in the home!

From the Home Gain Study below you can see the ROI for many of the services home stagers recommend and provide.   These staging services more than pay for themselves.

As part of your team we work closely with you and your client in preparing the home for sell. It matters to us that the house sells fast and for the best price.   We base our success on you having a successful sale!